I really thought I'd finally finish Dhalgren on 8 hours of planes today. Checked the Kindle progress at the end and I'm only 62% through 😭

@crinoline ha! I've been working through it for a few months now. Stepped away for a bit, came back, read about 20 other books while working on this. Maybe if we combine forces? I'll work backwards to forwards and we'll meet somewhere?

@dean Ack! Finally figuring out this system, and answering a message from 16 days ago. YES. Home for the holidays, and eager to go clubbing. Book clubbing.

@dean Indeed. Are you in New Orleans over the holidays? Should we choose -- vaguely and abstractly -- a date by which we'll finish *Dhalgren* and drink coffee?

@dean How about January 2? Getting through the Christmess first...


@dean Wonderful. I might be getting on the City of New Orleans that night to take it all the way to Chicago, so it'll be an excellent appetizer.

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