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Quick resources for people new to this thing ❤️

▪️ What is Mastodon -

▪️ How do I use it?

▪️ How do I see all posts from everyone in this community?
- 👥 Go to the Local timeline. (the How Do I use It link above explains)

rip Neil Pert, whose tom work on this track and others, changed the way I see music

New life milestone achieved. Pulled a muscle in my groin and now can only walk sideways 🦀 I'm not sure anyone recovers from this?

Still want this settled for 2020

My friend Matthew is sharing this New Years Eve event around, if you're looking for things besides bayou fireworks 🎉

Tuesday 6pm Duncan Plaza is action organized by Take Em Down Nola in response to deportation of Hard Rock Hotel worker

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Anyone know if there's action plans brewing to help the individual from the hard rock who is being deported?

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For the record, it was the result of a miscommunication that for years I supported a community-damaging social policy, but I swear I thought it was called "Soup and Frisk" and I thought "Heck, anyone could rub ME down so long as I get some nice soup out of it."

Anyway, I don't make policy decisions while hungry and without my reading glasses anymore so please make me President. I'm pretty sure I'll read everything, going forward.

When even the concepts of ethical consumption are only available to the rich 🎉

Finale of the slave rebellion reenactment is today, 3:30 p.m., from the Old U.S. Mint, 400 Esplanade Ave., to Congo Square in Armstrong Park at 4 p.m. for celebration.

The first minute of this is the most beautiful, relatable, and crushing honesty I've heard in a long time 🌈💜

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