My friend Matthew is sharing this New Years Eve event around, if you're looking for things besides bayou fireworks 🎉

Tuesday 6pm Duncan Plaza is action organized by Take Em Down Nola in response to deportation of Hard Rock Hotel worker

When even the concepts of ethical consumption are only available to the rich 🎉

Early voting is available at these locations before Nov 16 governor runoff 🎉

I learned a lot at Bible Walk, Ohio's only full size wax museum, including that everything is the fault of women ✝️

Hi everyone! So excited for this to get kicked off. Please feel free to invite any new orleans resident or lover that you'd like. Anyone who would like to be a moderator will be, so we all have control over making this space amazing <3


A space for New Orleans residents and lovers who want a caring online community without ads, tracking, [racism,misogyny,otherism], or exposure to political disinformation.